The Ovacue Fertility Monitor Can Predict Your Ovulation

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor Can Predict Your Ovulation

For women that do not want to keep playing a guessing game, an Ovacue fertility monitor can really help if you are always wondering when is the right time to start a family, or possibly the better question is, how can you know when it is the right time to start a family?

You will know when it’s time to make a decision but many times it is simply not that easy to achieve.

Perhaps you have been trying to conceive for a while, and nothing appears to be happening. Or possibly you have made a choice, and you are not sure how to go about it.

An understanding of how the body functions or having command over your reproductive system can go a long way in determining as to whether your baby will be born within this year or sometime later.

For those women that do not want to keep playing a guessing game, this fertility monitor can certainly help.

ovacue fertility monitor
Ovacue Fertility Monitor

In addition, while there are devices in the marketplace they require you to urinate on a stick, or even test your perspiration, OvaCue however can accurately predict your fertility level by monitoring your saliva.

Of all of the quality fertility monitors available on the market, OvaCue designed by Zetek is among the very best.

This patented electronic system is a fertility device created for women who wish to conceive.

The small unit senses the level of electrolytes in the woman’s saliva, processes, evaluates, and then displays the results on the color display screen.

With the month-to-month cycle, it can accurately forecast her time of ovulating up to seven days ahead of time, therefore, improving the possible opportunity to conceive.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of this one of a kind machine.

Every fertility monitor comes with a spoon-like oral sensor to measure the highly concentrated levels of electrolytes in your saliva to ascertain your level of fertility.

This hand-held computer device stores all of the details it just gathered within a few seconds after you have placed the oral sensor on your tongue.

It has been clinically tested to be over ninety-eight percent (98%) accurate in predicting levels of fertility.

The monitor can detect the tiniest incremental boosts of your fertility levels by monitoring hormones associated with ovulation.

As you approach your ovulation period, with the readings of your saliva each day, you are informed through the monitor’s predictions as to just how fertile you are, allowing you to be prepared for the majority of the optimum time for sexual intercourse in your efforts and desire to get pregnant.

Since sperm can survive in the vaginal canal for 12 to 17 hours, knowing when you will be ovulating and having sperm significantly increases your odds of getting pregnant.

Because the sperms take some time to travel up the Fallopian tube to fertilize the egg, thus giving the sperm plenty of time to be present as soon as she starts ovulating, drastically improving the chances of conception.

The device is portable, convenient and it is easy to understand the system. It uses no harmful chemicals and does not require extra monthly purchases needed for its continual use.

They could be used by all women that are still having their menstrual cycle and is very safe. The fertility monitors with the oral sensor and optional vaginal sensor are one hundred percent safe.

Although upfront OvaCue Fertility Monitor price is somewhat costly, it requires no extra monthly purchases, as in when using the test strips used by some other monitoring systems.

With just the push of a button, you can alter the monitor’s screen to display in English, Chinese, or Spanish.

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Buy Ovacue Fertility Monitor

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirmed that it is highly recommended by the fertility specialists.

Why? Because of its ability to provide a complete fertility window of your menstruation cycle hence alerting you on your fertile days.

This fertility monitor has helped thousands of couples in their ongoing efforts to get pregnant.

Many people want to know does the Ovacue fertility monitor actually work and does it do what it is intended to do before they purchase such a pricey item, and the answer to that question is absolutely yes.

If you are just looking for a pregnancy test though then I would recommend the clear blue pregnancy test for budget wise individuals.

I have had many people write and tell me that the monitor was one of the best purchases that they have ever made and that they couldn’t do without it.

You can find a ton of positive reviews all over the web if you are still in doubt.










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