IVF Costs – What Are Some Of The Costs Of Invitro Fertilization

IVF Costs – What Are Some Of The Costs Of Invitro Fertilization

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. It is a process wherein eggs from women are removed from their ovaries.

It is collected to mix with a man’s sperm cells using a laboratory culture dish. The actual fertilization takes place inside the dish.

In Vitro means “in glass”. There are thousands of IVF babies who were born using this process.

It was founded in 1978. Ever since, people have been continuously using this effective and safe method. It is often referred to as the test tube baby technique.

To get a better understanding of what an IVF procedure costs watch the video below, keep in mind that costs vary from state to state.

Originally, IVF was developed to serve as a treatment for women who have damaged Fallopian tubes.

Until this day, it still remains to be one of the primary reasons for undergoing the process.

IVF treatments begin by using a specific pattern of hormone therapy. It is used as a stimulant for the growth of follicles inside the ovary.

When it’s ready the eggs are collected and placed inside a test tube. This is done to fertilize them and create a few embryos.

Once the required two to five days have passed being inside the incubator, the embryos are transferred to the vagina.

When it’s already inside, it reaches the uterus where pregnancy is implanted, the proper transfer of the eggs will increase the chances of a pregnancy.

However, there are certain factors which greatly affects the implantation. Not all implants could successfully reach the uterus.

To solve this problem, surplus embryos are usually frozen, thus the term Cryopreservation.

The purpose why it’s being done is to have a backup just in case the first trial fails. The freezing process is now an important part of every hospital’s IVF program.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Invitro Procedure?

On average, the IVF cost is approximately $12,000. This includes the main procedure of fertilization.

It doesn’t cover the additional medications which are required to take in conjunction with the medical process. They are usually priced at $3,000-$5,000.

cost of ivf
ivf costs varies throughout the world

In the IVF cycle, the eggs which have been collected are closely monitored by doctors.

Most of the time, this ovulation period needs the additional medications to successfully mix with the sperm cells.

The doctors will choose what they feel is the best embryos which could successful result in a pregnancy.

Once they have decided which ones to use, it will be transferred using a thin catheter. This is the process which costs approximately $3,000-$6,000.

Altogether, the estimated amount of a regular IVF procedure is $20,000. This amount involves the IVF proper, medications and processing fees.

However, certain complications could lead to a more expensive treatment.

Depending on certain factors, it will be harder for some people to have a successful IVF treatment. Maternal age and medical circumstances greatly affect the procedure.

One of the biggest aspects of infertility is that it has to be done urgently. After the doctor examines a woman’s egg cells, she should act quickly to achieve higher success rates.

The cycle of freezing is called FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer. It involves paying for additional costs.

The average amount of FET is between $3,000-$5,000 per cycle. It includes annual storage fees wherein frozen embryos are added every year.

A lot of hospitals practice a refund or discounted multi-cycle program. It was created to give patients a discounted rate when they choose to have multiple IVF cycles.

A patient can save up to 30% to 40% on the exact same treatment plan.

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