Increase Fertility Naturally – Here Is What You Don’t Know

Increase Fertility Naturally – Here Is What You Don’t Know

Giving birth is a very significant experience in every woman’s life and as a matter of fact, a lot of women want to experience it at some point in their life with most of them looking forward to it.

Despite the fact that giving birth can turn out to be quite the complicated process at times, women still cherish the thought of having children and most don’t give a second thought to possible fertility issues that they may have.

Now, as much as some people would like to go through this, at times it gets hard for some women to conceive due to various reasons and the process of consulting a specialist becomes just as hard because of the expense.

Fertility treatments are quite costly, they become complicated at times and they have side effects as well.

The worst thing about them is that there isn’t always a guarantee if the treatment will work and with time, it gets very frustrating.

sperm egg fertility
sperm fertilizing the egg

If you happen to be in a position where you are not able to conceive, it might be wiser if you choose to try natural methods to increase the chance of fertility before embarking on expensive fertility treatments.

So What Is Fertility?

The first thing you need to understand is what fertility means, which is the ability to conceive.

There are different factors that affect that ability like diet, exercise as well as overall health because in the modern world, most people are living very unhealthy lives, which bring about the dilemma of increasing fertility.

Increasing Fertility Naturally.

The first step you need to take is to make a fertility calendar and schedule intercourse at the time you are ovulating.

You can use the basal body temperature to determine fertility and with an increase in temperatures indicate that there is an egg ready for release.

At this point, it is the best time to have intercourse and try to conceive.

A different sign of ovulation is an increase in cervical mucus, which normally happens in the middle of a menstruation cycle but you could also purchase an ovulation prediction kit if it becomes hard for you to notice the changes.

Sexual positions.

These are something you also need to consider in order to conceive with the most effective one being the missionary position.

This is because it allows the sperms to be deposited very close in the cervix.

Try to avoid being on top, standing or sitting positions because the sperms are likely to leak out of the body.


Diet is also a very important factor in having a successful conception. You need to make sure that you are having a balanced diet at all times in order to have a healthy reproductive system.

Being overweight and malnourished means a lesser chance because the reproductive hormones are also affected.

You might also want to consider a good multivitamin in order to increase your chances of fast conception and avoid things like alcohol, caffeine as well as some chemicals that could interfere with your fertility.


Exercising and staying fit is a great way to increase fertility because when you have a normal body weight, your hormones will be moderate and it will be easy to get pregnant.

If you want to conceive and give birth, you have to make a few sacrifices but if you think about it, they will all be worth it the moment you have your baby.

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