INCIID Scholarships

Receive Financial Help for IVF Candidates

The Inter National Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc. is the first organization to offer scholarship opportunities to those who need financial assistance in order to undergo IVF treatment.

The Heart Program partners with IVF clinics in the United States who donate their time and services to provide an opportunity for low income candidates to receive a free cycle of in vitro fertilization.

Similar to college scholarships, the INCIID Heart program reviews applications and selects winners based on a thorough case evaluation.  Applications are available to everyone, but the recommended criterion for candidates includes:

 INCIID scholarships
You may qualify for financial assistance

– A resident of the United States who files income tax returns with the IRS.

– A registered member of the INCIID Community with a medical infertility condition.
(note: applicants can register prior to applying for aid)

– Required minimum annual donation as an INCIID Bronze member ($55 annually).

– Applicants must meet the American Society for Reproductive Medicine definition of medical infertility. (Includes diagnosis of blocked tubes, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, POF, male factor, female factor, etc.)

– Verified household income of $65,000 or below.  Other circumstances, like cost of living are also considered.

– No IVF insurance coverage, but insurance for diagnostics and lower tech forms of infertility accepted.

– Some type of medical coverage is preferred.

More information about qualifying conditions and the application process can be found directly on the INCIID Website.

In most cases a scholarship is provided for one IVF cycle only.  The fertility clinics that participate in the program donate their time and resources, so the availability of scholarships is extremely limited.

Winners must cover all costs associated with travel and lodging to the nearest available and participating clinic.

In addition, winners must agree to participate in a fundraising campaign for INCIID that raises at least $3,500 towards the Heart program.  These campaigns are vital to supporting the administrative costs of future scholarships.

While the Heart program does not fit every case of “need” it does provide hope to thousands of low income families who might never get a chance to try in vitro fertilization.

The long term planning for the success of this program will undoubtedly serve as a template for more IVF scholarship programs to come online in the next several years.

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