Celine Dions InVitro Fertilization Is An Inspiration

Celine Dions InVitro Fertilization Is An Inspiration

Celine Dions InVitro Fertilization Serves as an Inspiration. June 1, 2010 Internationally renowned singer Celine Dion is rumored to be pregnant with twins after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments.

Hollywood news sources say Dion got the good news after her sixth attempt at IVF.

Dion’s spokesman recently confirmed the rumors to media outlets in the United States.

celine dions invitro
Celine Dion successful IVF

If all goes well this will be Celine’s second successful in vitro pregnancy. Her son, Rene-Charles was conceived and born after six years of trying to conceive.

She still refers to Rene-Charles as her ‘miracle baby’ and has often shared encouragement to anyone going through infertility treatment.

The news is not only good for the Dion family, but it also gives hope to other couples who have turned to in vitro fertilization to assist with conception.

While IVF treatment is far and away the most popular of the assisted reproductive technologies (ART), it is expensive and does not come with any guarantees.

Celine Dion may soon become the poster child for IVF success if her second in vitro pregnancy goes to term.

Considering she is 42 years old and her husband, Rene Angelil, is 68, the Dion case shows how far technology can extend the reproductive cycle.

The fact that the couple is expecting twins is not uncommon with IVF, but it will certainly add to the press exposure.

Of course there will be plenty of critics who wonder if the Dion family made the right choice to conceive considering their age.

This will lead to discussion if medical technology should be involved with nature’s reproductive cycles.

Despite the cynics, the fact is that IVF is legal and considered a relatively low risk tool to help couples conceive a child.

In vitro fertilization has provided countless couples with their own “miracle baby”. The importance of Celine Dion’s pregnancy is that it attracts media attention to the wonders of IVF.

Couples make significant financial commitments for the chance of experiencing child birth. But despite its high cost, no doctor will ever promise an easy path with in vitro fertilization.

However, when stories like the Dion Family make headlines it can boost the confidence of those who are still holding on to their dream.

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