Causes of Infertility

Lack of Conception – Understanding All the Causes of Infertility

Infertility is a cause of major concern for millions of married couples, newly weds and older couples. It is an issue which will affect one in every twelve couples who marry this year. One out of twelve of these newly married couples won’t be able to conceive, while at least ten percent of already married couples will not be able to conceive nor have more children.

Reasons for Infertility-Male and Female Factors

First what is infertility? Infertility is defined as the inability of someone who is unable to conceive after a year of having open or unprotected sexual relations. The main reasons for infertility are sperm dysfunction, tubal damage and ovulation problems. Both males and females play a role in the problem of infertility. The female is responsible for the problem forty percent of the time. The other cause is usually a problem from the male who is responsible for forty percent of the cause for a lack of conception in couples. Both male and female are jointly responsible ten percent of the time and the other ten percent is caused by unexplainable causes.

causes of infertility
there are many causes of infertility

What is the Cause of Female Infertility?

The specific causes of infertility in women can be traced to subfertility also known as infertility due to old age or old age infertility. Other causes are abnormal menstrual patterns, blocked fallopian tubes, and abnormal menstrual patterns. Endometriosis can also lead to infertility in females. Endometriosis is a condition of the female uterus where cells from the lining of th

e uterus unfortunately find their way to different locations in the pelvic cavity other than the uterus. Other causes of infertility in females include tissue growth in the uterus, immunological reactions to the male sperm, uterine defects and cervical mucus defects.

What is the Cause of Male Infertility?

In males the causes of infertility range from drug abuse to excessive heat in the testicles. Specifically, infertility in males is caused by conditions like varicocele, which is caused by an enlarged vein that carries excessive amounts of blood to the testicle causing the testicles to remain in a continuously warm state. Drugs like cocaine and marijuana also affect male fertility by inhibiting the production of good sperm. Use of these drugs causes the sperm produced to be misshapen or bent and can affect the quality and quantity of sperm produced. A sperm count smaller than twenty million sperm in a millimeter of semen for every three to five milliliter of ejaculated male semen is considered insufficient. Other problems could be reverse ejaculation in which the male semen travels back into the male body instead of out of it, this is known as retrograde ejaculation. Lastly the sperm duct being blocked may be a root cause of infertility in men.

What to do When You Cannot Conceive

When there is an issue of infertility in a marriage or between couples the first solution is having a diagnosis for the couple to determine the specific causes of the infertility. After this has been done then treatment can begin.

Medical solutions to infertility include hormone treatments for women at fertility clinics. Fertility clinics have been quite successful in treating infertility in women with women being able to conceive after aggressive treatments. This method is usually quite beneficial for curing old age infertility naturally.

A study of ovulation periods for the woman is also used to treat infertility in females. Specialists advice that couples try conception around this time for the best possible chances. For men who after diagnosis know what the cause of infertility is, one form of treatment is usually using cool packs to cool the testicles while surgery is used to eliminate the condition caused by varicocele.

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